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Gacha Fever ! #19

Wonton_19 2

Wonton_19 3

Decor Post !

Arcade Items:

* SORGO – Geek Screen
* SORGO – Geek Keyboard
* SORGO – Geek PC Tower
* SORGO – Geek Scanner
* SORGO – Geek SketchBook
* SORGO – Geek Speakers
* SORGO – Geek MagsPile
* SORGO – Geek Ashtray (Ashtray + Cig)
* SORGO – Geek Mouse
:::LP::: Lo Mein_Takeout Box
* SORGO – Geek Desk (A)
* SORGO – Geek Chair
* SORGO – Geek Laptop
* SORGO – Geek BookPile
:::LP::: Bottle Soda – Lemon Lime
:::LP::: Takeout_Chopsticks Combo
:::LP::: Takeout Delivery Bag – RARE
:::LP::: Egg_Roll Platter

TMD Gacha Items:
MOON // Here After Collection // Rug 06
-David Heather-Luggage Decor/Black
MOON // Here After Collection // Wall Poster 02
=EliBaily= Recycled Planks Bed = Union Jack